Broken, broken, broken…

I have a couple of other posts in the works, but I have pre-empted them in order to share this information about Akhilandeshvari, a Hindu Goddess that I think we all need to be familiar with.  At the moment (still in mid-move and up to my eyeballs in grumpy, teething baby), I can’t post as beautifully about Her as Julie Peters has in this article here, Why Lying Broken in a Pile on Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea.

I will quickly sum up, however.  Akhilandeshvari means “never not broken.”  She is the Goddess that represents the power and strength that comes to you when everything has fallen apart because everything has fallen apart.  She represents the kind of broken that is represented by the positive aspects of the Tower card in the Tarot:  breaking down old forms, getting rid of the useless old, and making way for the revitalizing new.  She teaches us that we are at our strongest when things have dissolved and we are left in the wasteland of the unknown.

As I am in the middle of a two part move that is going to span continents and hemispheres, and as all of my belongings are shoved willy-nilly into my in-law’s house, and as I have no idea what kind of jobs or home my husband and I are going to end up in when we do finish moving, Akhilandeshvari really appears appeals to me (yes, I just typed “appears” by accident).

She also speaks of mastering fear, which ties in well with one of the themes of this blog.  (This blog has THEMES?  Why yes, it does — I just haven’t had time to post about them yet.)  Let’s just say that I once feared the Flying Doll and now I am the Flying Doll.  And I’ll explain all of that…someday.

As for now, I’ll get back to being broken and wandering in an empty wasteland.  But I’ll bring what is important with me.


4 thoughts on “Broken, broken, broken…

  1. Wendy says:

    Good evening, flying one! Found my way here while searching for more information on the goddess Akhilanda, who, it seems, has come into your life at as critical a time as she has for me. My research is turning up scarce, but I am encountering more and more women along the way who are relieved and re-strengthened by Akhilanda’s message, and it has been a small joy in my days to make contact with these other “broken” women. So namaste, and happy travels through your life! <3

    • flyingpoppet says:

      HI Wendy!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. So many people find their way to my blog due to this post — it makes me wish that my research had turned up more about her to share with others. I’m so glad to hear from you and to hear that there are many other women out there who feel the tug of this strong and beautiful Goddess!

  2. [...] few days ago, I made a post about Akhilandeshvari and how I am really glad to have learned about her.  You can read about it [...]

  3. gormlessvirago says:

    i am starting a blog about my experience with this goddess. until now i did not know her name. i feel i have always known her.
    i would like to hear about your big move .
    i recently took a big chance on a big move across continents.
    it went how i expected. i got to know how powerful Akhilandeshvari is again.
    i wil begin my blog this week

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